Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blue Ridge Parkway

We drove north, into Virginia, to the part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The colors were brilliant, despite the locals saying otherwise. We stopped at this lookout point for lunch. You can see Pilot Mt. from this lookout. It was amazing.

It's a's a's Superman Sam. This outfit is two sizes too small and he wants to wear it everyday. As soon as I get it out the dryer, he is wearing it. When it is dirty, he will ask to get it washed because he "wants to save the day".

Making friends.

Cute girl eating grapes.

So beautiful!


The best family car ever.

Loves to make noise...err, music. :)

pumpkin fun

Isa out picking pumpkins. She kept running all over, climbing and trying to stand on the pumpkins.
"Yeah! We're at the pumpkin patch"
Check out my pumpkins!

The boys. Just couldn't get both of them to look at the camera at the same time. Carving out our jack-o-lanterns.
So intense.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A hiking we will go....

We had a really busy and fun day today. We went up to Pilot Mountain. Compared to Utah mountains, it is a hill. Fun none the less. The trees are changing color and it's just beautiful. After that we headed over to the Yadkin river to try some fishing. No luck there, but it sure made for a nice picnic spot. On our way home we saw a sign that read Hanging Rock National Park. We sure got our exercise when we decided to take the 2.4 mile hike (round trip).

This is the looking down from Pilot Mountain. FYI: Pilot Mt rises 1400 ft above the valley floor. There are trees everywhere. There is camping, hiking trails, and horseback riding. Plus the lazy Yadkin river is nearby for fishing or rafting. It is best recognized as Mt. Pilot from the Andy Griffith show. We are in Mayberry...

Where's Isabelle?
There she is! Such a happy girl when she's outside.

He's starting early...good thing he can't reach the pedals. What a cheese!

This was the phrase of the day: "Now, that's the way to hike" Isa was the least tired of the bunch.

Defunct train tracks....make for great pictures.

Sam took this picture of us. He's acquiring mad skills with the camera.

Ready to start fishing...

Yadkin River...

No fishies...

Rrarr! I'm a tiger!

Busy eating lunch, being a space cadet just like her mom...

The beginning to our 2.4 mile trek at Hanging Rock National Park.

Beautiful colors. Love this time of year.

Look I'm a tree....

"I'm tired"

How I hiked half the trip up and most the trip down. Couldn't tell you which was worse.

Stopping for a small break...almost there.

My knees were worth the hike up.

I love Isa in this picture.

Another one of Sam's picture.

Always ready to climb...

Reading the sign, making sure we are heading the right way out.

Monday, October 8, 2007

There's a festival going on every weekend.

My cute little girl IS always on the go. I am just glad she has started to eat again. Having fun out in the sun. She's an outdoor girl. Runs in the family.
Sam is being really good with Isabelle. Such a good big brother. The boys.
Upside down girl.

He's not quite sure if it's safe to touch. We have been trying to teach him to be a little more gentle. He's slowly getting it.
He really wants a turtle (and so does his mom).
We're in the South now. Check out his grill!!

Snap yo like a rockstar! Where's my pimp cup?