Saturday, February 7, 2009

Park fun

Isa in her Princess Leah buns. Absolutely love this look.

Enjoying the nice weather. It's been pretty cold and we've had some "snowy" days. School gets canceled and we get cabin fever. Looking forward to the summer.

Sam climbed this all by himself but then he couldn't get down. And of course we didn't threaten to leave him was kind of funny.

This is the best toy ever! Both the kids love to play with it. It makes the books interactive, educational, and fun. Thanks Nana and grandpa Steve!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dentist visit

I took the kids to see the dentist a few weeks ago and they were wonderful. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful kids. They did not freak out or scream. Sam wouldn't stop talking to the dental hygenist, charming her socks off. Isa kept laughing cause the teeth cleaning was tickling her. It was such a pleasant experience. Clean teeth and no cavities, I took them home and gave them some candy...just kidding.

All I need to know about life, I learn from my brother.

Here is an excerpt of Sam and Isabelle's conversation last night. They were both laying on our bed watching TV before going to bed.

Sam: When you get older, you are going to have babies and you are going to have to be really brave for the doctor. The doctors are going to cut a hole in your belly and the baby will come out.

Isa: where's the baby Sam?

Sam: Right here, in your belly.

Isa: O.K. Sam.