Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sam is a Rockstar!

Sam's 3rd game was today and he was so awesome. He scored about 5 goals, 2 for the other team, but he was having so much fun. It's great seeing his improvement in the game. He gets so excited when he scores, he lifts both his arms up in victory, yells and then gives us a thumbs up. This is Sam's team. There are 3 players missing. Coach Jake running thru the rules and giving encouragement. We get Sam's thumbs up sign several times during the game.

He scores!!

Cheerleader Isabelle taking a break from clapping and screaming.
Seriously, he is just too cool! Silly boy!
This is Sam's team mate and she is quite fond of him. They spent a few minutes playing Ring Around The Rosies in the middle of the court. And there was a lot of hand holding. Already driving the girls crazy...takes after his father.
That is all we have for you today. I hope you have enjoyed it. Really wishing you could come out to see him play. Isabelle has the final words...too cute!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We got videos!

Easter Egg Hunt

After Sam's soccer game, we went out with our friends to a park for an Easter egg hunt. This is right before the mad rush for the eggs. My cute lil bucketheads.
Sam and his stash of Easter eggs. He has such a good time out there. Out of the hundreds of eggs out, there were 3 golden eggs that came with a prize. Guess who found one of the golden eggs?? That's right!
Getting his prize from the Easter bunny.
A reporter took this picture to put in the newspaper. So far I haven't seen it. But Sam kept saying "Easter bunny" and smiling. His present turned out to be a V-Tech laptop and he loves it. He's just like mommy and daddy carrying his laptop around. It's got some good educational games on it, so mommy and daddy like it too.

Sam's second soccer game

Easter Sunday Sam had his second soccer game. It was a bit chilly, so Sam refused to take his jacket off. Can't say I blame him. It is awesome to see these 3 and 4yr olds chase the ball around. It's funnier to see the coaches try to direct them. Each team starts off with about 8 players and before you know it there are only 3-4 players on each team left playing. Sam did score one point, although for the opposite team. But whatever! Yay! Sam!

We do have to keep reminding him that it's not okay to push. He thought that was part of the game. He did do much better in containing that urge this second game. Okay, I am trying to post videos but it's not letting me, so all you get for now is this picture. :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Working the ball

learning to skate

Sam's Christmas present. We need to keep trying.

Turtles, pirates, and soccer players...

We enrolled Sam in the YMCA soccer league. He will be practicing one day a week with games on Saturdays for the next 8 weeks. He is so excited and so are we. Daddy's been practicing with him as time permits. Trying out his new cleats.
ARRRG! Pirate! Shiver me timbers! Ahoy matey, go walk yer plank! Sam went to a fun pirate birthday party and subsequently was a pirate for a whole day. Thanks Gladwells for the props!
Turtle, Turtle!!