Sunday, December 28, 2008

Families are forever

Tis the season. Family Celebrations

Girls horse around too.

Pretty Bree!

Work it Kaitlyn!

Grrr...fierce love.

Showing grandpa Steve how the leapfrog pen works.

Attacking uncle Chris with hugs and kisses.

Thanks Nana and grandpa Steve for having us over for Christmas lunch.

Excited much?

Showing us her pretty teeth. Breakfast was delicious. Paige is an awesome cook. Thanks for making breakfast and inviting us over.

Being pampered by Emilie.

Sean is the youngest cousin. Isa kept saying it was her baby. She would make a great older sister.

Opening presents at grandma's house.

Individually these guys are really funny. I bet you can imagine when they come together.

singing "then your face will surely show it"

Cute Emilie. Sam and Isa had a great time with their cousins.

Love us some Christmas Story!

It was a Transformers Christmas.

Thank you grandpa Wayne for preparing such delicious food and getting us all together. Your house looks amazing! We might just have to employ this Richard person to come decorate our house once we are done with school. It was great hanging out with grandma Marge and grandpa Ray.

Decorating grandma's tree.

the daddy mac will make you jump jump

Rueben having some fun with Bryson's pogo stick.

More snowboarding

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sam snowboarding

For Burnside eyes only!

This is how we feel about you guys not being around for the holidays. Just kidding! Not really. We really did miss you guys. Our next trip somewhere, likely after graduation may have to be to Colorado.

Fun things Utah