Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kindergarten here we come...

Sam is really excited about kindergarten this fall. Mommy is still having anxiety attacks over it. I'm sure he'll have to pry my arms off him, wipe my tears and console me on the first day of class. Part of me wants him to grow up and part of me wants him to stay my sweet little boy forever. Ah well, such is life. Fortunately, he'll have a couple of familiar faces in his school. Two of his preschool classmates will also be attending the same school. And, to make the day even more special, grandma and grandpa Lopez will be in town to see him off on his first day. He's way excited about that too! That day is coming fast. Where has our summer gone?


It was time for a haircut today.

Yellow submarine

So, I bought a watermelon at Walmart yesterday and this is what I was surprised with upon cutting it. It was so yellow that it seemed to glow. Neither of us had ever seen a yellow watermelon before. I was so ready to go back to Wally World and request a refund. Thankfully Google informed us that this happens every so often and that supposedly they are sweeter and honey flavored. We cut it up and ate it and although it's good, it's not as good as the sweet, juicy red/pink flesh ones.

Random places Isa sleeps

Apparently these places are more comfortable than her bed. One night, as I was checking on them for the last time, I walked into her room to find her bed empty. I looked out in the hall and couldn't see her. I immediately freaked out and ran into Sam's room, the bathrooms, and our room frantically looking for her. By then Rueben was in on it, calling out her name. (What had happen was) I hadn't finished laundry that day and had a couple of piles on the floor. She snuggled in between these two piles and was completely camouflaged. I felt like my heart had stopped.
Some nights she'll come into our bed and sleep at the end of our feet. She'll then wake up and walk back to her bed. She'll do this a couple of times during the night and then finally settle on our bed. Crazy little girl!

Catching up...

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to this summer. We discovered the Natural Science Museum of Greensboro. It's so awesome and close. We'll be coming back for sure.

Rueben's true nature...

A couple of weeks ago, Sam fell off the monkey bars and fractured arm, right above the elbow. He's doing pretty well for the most part. Frustrated and bored. I'm racking my brains on a daily basis trying to find things that he can do that are fun. Any ideas would be appreciated. Doc said cast for 2 weeks, so it shouldn't be so bad and hopefully he'll be cast free for our beach trip.

Petting and combing the goats and lambs.

Milking a cow is hard, let alone with one hand.

Meerkats are awesome! We don't know what they were staring at, but they had the synchronized staring down.

Isa doesn't do well with loud noises and this T-Rex was loud.

Enjoying our weekly concert.

1 box + 3 kids = good times.

Before the fracture, Sam could swim the entire length of a swimming pool without floaties.

Getting the kids ready for a bath, Isa brings her princess crown to play with. Sam says, "You are going to be the queen of the sea Isabelle. Cool."
Isa decides she doesn't want to wear it so then Sam puts it on and says, "Then I will be the queen of the sea. I'll be the drag queen".
I pipe in at this time and say "whaaat?!?"
Sam: "I'm going to be the drag queen mom, don't worry I know what that means, it's a boy who dresses up like a girl. They are called drag queens."
Mom: "Who told you this Sam?"
Sam: "I saw it on the Bee movie".

One night as we were driving home from our Sat concert, Isa was playing "knock knock" with daddy. They were having so much fun that I wanted in on it.
Isa: Knock Knock
Mom: Whose there?
Isa: NOT YOU!!!!

I'm glad to report that Isa is using the potty like a big girl now. Diaper free existence is so wonderful. She wont even wear a pull up at night and she wakes up dry. It's about time :)

That's all folks...for now.