Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Park fun with friends

These five are a handful! Thankfully they are super cute.

Being silly is so much fun.

Look mom! No hands.

Fearless leader of the pack.

Looking for the biggest stick.


We absolutely love this cute lil pup. He will be 8 weeks this Thursday. Today he started scratching at the door and whining to be let out to potty. For the first time it's been an accident free day. YAY!!(Well...almost, because I decided to blog rather than watch him. Oops!). I wish it was that easy to potty train Isa. It's crazy how much he has grown and changed since we got him a week and a half ago.

His ears are getting bigger (so that he can hear us better).

A boy and his dog.

sciworks fun

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enjoying the rare sunny spring day

We took advantage of a sunny day by taking the kids to the park. Sam had a great time running around trying to fly his kite and Isa loved chasing after him. Looking forward to more sunny days!

Trying to study but there was just too much going on.

Our beautiful happy girl.

I don't ever get tired of giving her kisses. Can't really say she feels the same way.

Sneaking a drink from mommys drink.

It's flying!! It's flying!!

Our new baby Jake

This little cute ball of fur is Jake. He is the new addition to our family. He is a German Shepherd and is 7 weeks old. He's a furry teddy bear, can be quite mouthy, and is bringing lots of smiles (some frowns) and happy giggles to our home. Looking forward to successfully house training him and enrolling him into some obedience classes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Carolina winter in March?

After raining all weekend, it finally got cold enough on Sunday to grace us with quite a few inches of snow. This isn't the kind of weather we expect in March, but we made the best of it. Who would have thought that we would have gotten some use of the snow boots we bought in Utah. Glad I brought them with us.

It's amazing how kids are impermeable to the cold. What a cute angel.

Snow princess Isa enjoys rolling around in the snow. She's an all seasons kinda girl.

He's gonna get you! Unfortunately the snow wasn't snowman friendly.

It's a bummer that we have the sled but no hill.

Scenes from the backyard. It started out sunny and then the clouds set in. It's brrrr...cold out there.

O.K. enough of this cold weather. We are ready for the sun and the humid heat.