Saturday, January 3, 2009

Monster Truck Madness

Last night we went to the monster truck show. It was a wonderous spectacle of alcohol fueled trucks and rednecks. We ate gummi bears, popcorn, flaming hot cheetos, nachos, toasted candy almonds, loads of pepsi with wads of orange foam stuffed in our ears. IT WAS AWESOME!!

From deep in the jungles of places like Alabama and Kentucky large hunks of metal are welded together into car destroying machines like the TRANSAURUS!!! This Chevy Lumina had no fire breathing death came to it much like the fate of the American car companies.

This truck is called Martial Law, who promptly flipped onto its side as it attempted its first jump.

Here is Sam in front of what now passes for Bigfoot. I think it's pretty sad when the sponsor's lettering is bigger than the truck's name.

Here we are standing in front of Martial Law, this is about 40 minutes before he ended up on his back, Monster Trucks are funny.