Sunday, November 18, 2007

We love our family!

Hey guys! Just thought I would share some pictures of the kids and the individuals we love. I know I don't have all of you here, but you are definitely in our hearts. We miss and love you all so much. Can't wait to see y'all...

The awesome Mohawk.

Can you believe she was this small.

Can't wait for our next family reunion.

Kisses to Uncle David.

Nana and Grandpa Steve, we miss you. Your next vacation, should you choose to accept it: North Carolina!

Fun in the sun with Grandpa Lopez

Nana's favorite kitty cat.

Nana's favorite boy.

There is no place better than on Grandpa shoulders and with Grandma on my side.

Beautiful girls!

Grandpa Joe making a lake for Sam.

"My turn"

Uncle Andrew: Hysterically funny, but not funny looking.

Peek a boo! Isabelle's favorite game.

Grandpa Wayne, we miss you and Chris.

Best girls ever.

Great Grandparents at the demolition derby. It was super HOT. But not as HOT as it gets in NC.


Super fun with the super soaker at Grandpa Wayne's.

Beautiful Isabelle with her beautiful Aunt Paige.

Christmas just around the corner...

I know that Thanksgiving is this week, but I couldn't wait to decorate for Christmas. Sam was so excited. Jumping up and down, taking all the decorations out the boxes. We also put up the outside lights. It's bizarre to put up Christmas lights in 80 degree weather. We are on a tight budget, so we are using our son as a Christmas tree. Just kidding! But he sure makes a cute Charlie Brown tree!
Best Christmas present ever! Isabelle has developed quite the personality. She is funny and loud and 100% cute. She loves to dance, sing, read books and take long luxurious bubble baths. Haha! Don't know about the walks on the beach yet. Will find out this summer.

The infamous troll village. According to Grandma Irma, trolls are evil. They might be evil, but they are festive.

Decorations are up. Ready for Christmas. Sam says that you can't have Christmas without snow. I respectfully disagree. I am enjoying the lack snow and warm weather.

Ahhhh! Hi Sam!

The Cheese eating a cheese. Daddy doing what Daddy does best (and the most of): Studying! That's why he's on top of his class. (That's what she said) :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cleaning out the garage

Today we decided to clean out the garage. It is cluttered with crap and we haven't been able to fit our car in there. Hell, we can't even walk thru it. We were hoping someone would think we were having a yard sale and take it all. No such luck. I am really glad we decided to clean out the garage. Had we not, we would have had not just this beauty, but hundreds of them all over. Not the Charlotte's Web I was expecting. And of course, Rueben had to go and put her in a jar. Now she sits in the garage, contained, along with her eggs nest. Rueben can't wait until they hatch and there are tons of tiny poisonous spiders crawling inside the jar. I can't even stomach the visual.
Posing for the camera. She was a great lesson about Black Widows for Sam.

Caring for her eggs.

"Are you going to help or just take pictures"

He's such a good little helper. Taking a break from hammering.

A little too big, but he wanted to go roller blading.

Carrying her "baby" around.

Yay! We finally did it. Took us all day long, but now we can use it for it's intended purpose.


Halloween was fun this year. Sam really got into it. All day long he kept asking if we could go trick-or-treating, kept waiting for it to get dark. We went out with a group of about 10 kids. Most of the time Sam was the first one up the stairs and ringing the doorbell. I could hear him scream "trick or treat" then "thank you". The weather was cool, crisp, but pleasant. Poor Rueben was at the hospital doing a 12 hour clinical. He missed out on all the fun.

The cutest little bumblebee you've ever seen. Isa having fun at the mall.

Talking on the phone and driving.

Even though we bought him a new costume this year, he wanted to be a skeleton again.

Boo!! Scary kids

Eager to go outside

We finished the night singing Happy Birthday to the school boy.