Monday, January 28, 2008

Ganging up on daddy

It's daddy's day off and the kids are taking advantage of it. And since there is little time, Rueben gets his play time and workout done simultaneously.

Beautiful little girl!

Her sweater says it all...

Monday, January 21, 2008

supposedly spayed...

This here is Rueben's superb filming, directing, and editing abilities. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

snow angels in the making

Superheroes, snow, and angels...

My superhero always ready to save the day. His imagination is unfathomable, his strength is overpowering, his logic is uncanny, his will is unwavering, and his love Our little girl: cute as button, exceptionally bright, downright sassy, fearless, assertive and determined...and she's not even 2.
Getting ready to play in the snow.
Snow? Yes. We got snow last night. Not much, but enough to remind us of home. It was about 31 degrees cold, less than one inch on the ground and quickly becoming slush. The county schools closed down for the day and many jobs gave their employees the day off. Sam couldn't wait to go outside and make a snow angel.
According to the locals, this is about as bad as it gets. Jealous?
The house across the stress is for sale. Anyone interested? (hint, hint)

"We need more snow mommy"

Monday, January 7, 2008

The and gone!

The Holidays are gone now and they were bittersweet. I loved having my parents in town and they greatly enjoyed being around the kids. But we sure needed to have all of our family around. That would have made it ideal. Hopefully next year, we'll come out and visit. Hopefully before then cause that seems like a long time to wait. Christmas was good. It was like 65 degrees outside and very sunny. A very non-White Christmas. Rueben was off for 10 days the week of New Years. It was so nice to have him home. Unfortunately he is back to clinical this week, so we're back to the daily grind. Here are some pictures of when my parents were around. Love you all!

Look Dad! Look Mom! It's finished. We finished it before the week was over. Thanks for all your help. It only lasted one day like this. It is back in the box waiting for the next time you come visit.
This is Sprinkles (Sam named it) our new addition to the family. Isabelle loves her! She goes around the house yelling "titty, titty...meeeeooow". It is the funniest thing ever. Sprinkles is very calm and affectionate. Perfect pet to have.

There is a huge park nearby that is called Tanglewood. Every year they put up Christmas lights...thousands of them. You drive thru the whole park looking at all these cool lights. It was very pretty.

We went to NC largest mall in Concord. It is humongous. Nana would be in paradise.

Ga'mma and his girl
(that's what she calls him)


Hello everybody! These pictures were taken at the end of November when the kids were in daycare. I cannot believe how big they have gotten in just about 6 months since leaving Utah. They are definitely not babies anymore. Sam is big on trains, cars, and superheroes. He puts on his Spider Man pants and hat, Superman shirt, Lightning McQueen gloves and a Zorro mask and he is "super-hero with super powers ready to save the day" It's awesome! He's a very willful child and sometimes we struggle to keep him in line...but we are learning that it's all about consistency. But for the most part, he is just a very lovable little guy! He misses everybody at home and at random times will verbally express it.

Isabelle is a full fledge toddler (girl). Moody, ill-tempered, and whiny...sometimes. She is starting to throw temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. It's a good thing she is sooo cute! She loves to dance every minute she gets. She loves her dolls and likes to give them rides in their strollers. She also thinks she can do everything her brother can and at times will slap Sam around when he takes away her toys. She knows how to scrap and isn't afraid to jump right on top of Sam.