Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas morning

We had a very good Christmas this year, even though we were far away from our extended family. The children were super excited. They left cookies out for Santa to eat and went to sleep in a jiffy. Isa was the first to wake at around 0730. She came in and crawled into our bed and Sam followed a few minutes later. We had to remind them that Santa had been here and if they wanted to go open presents. Getting new toys is a win win situation for all of us. It keeps the kids happy and out of our hair for a while.

The much coveted Transformer track.
Ariel is really big at our house right now.

I got a sewing machine carrier. Exciting!

Rueben enjoyed his IPhone speakers and video game.

Even Jake loved his present. His lasted about 45 minutes.
I hope all of you had wonderful Holidays!