Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School's cool!!

These last few weeks have been kinda busy for us. Rueben started school last Thursday. So far it hasn't been as bad as last year, but then again, we might just be used to it by now. Labor day weekend was very low key. We didn't do very much...a staycation if you may. Oh, we did kinda clean out the garage, more like rearranging the crap that we have. We seriously need to hold a yard sale and just get rid of many a things. We figure if it's been sitting in the garage for a year, why bother having it. But we are "pack-rat" people, we hoard in hopes that one day, if the need arises, it will be in the garage under 10 ft of dust and spiderwebs.
The kids started preschool on Tuesday. Sam is in a Kinder Readiness program and will be attending 5 days a week from 9-12 am. I was having anxiety over him being gone, of not being there with him, of being home by myself, but his excitement makes it more bearable. He was so thrilled that the night before, he had picked and set out his clothes, hurried and brushed his teeth and went straight to bed. Not once did he get out of bed. In the morning when I woke him up, he was up like a flash, dressed and ready for breakfast. He picked out a Star Wars backpack, put it on and was ready to go. He had a great day and was excited about meeting his new friends. By this morning, the novelty had worn off and when I went to get him up, he promptly in a sleepy voice says "I don't wanna go to schoooool". HAHA!! This will be great at getting him ready for next year when he'll be gone full days. I can't believe that we are here already!! My little boy is growing up so fast!
Isa is also going to a class for 2 yr olds. She will go for the same hours, but only 3 days. She's mostly going for the socialization. We'll see how it goes. If she doesn't like it, I will just keep her home for the next 20 years! She picked out a Dora The Explorer backpack with wheels and she likes to wheel it all around the house.

Going to school!
So Sam has been talking about doing karate. As we were driving back home from school, he saw a sign for Tae Kwan Do. I figured why not. We got him a few lessons. We went back in the evening and he did awesome. He was really focused and eager to show them that he could kick really high. They talk and teach about respect, focus, self control, self esteem and listening. I think this might just work out for him. We'll see what happens. I'll post some video.